Area 11 is very interested in getting people involved in the Art of Handbell Ringing.  Learning events exist throughout the Area. Beginning with the handchime grant program through a biennual Area-wide Festival in the summer of even-numbered years, there are lots of opportunities to learn and become proficient in playing our unique instrument.  Workshops are held in various areas in the fall to help new ringers and directors as they work together in brand new groups.  Read and Ring sessions help introduce new music as well as re-introduce some of the “oldies but goodies” which have stood the test of time.  A Youth Camp in the summer of odd-numbered years provides a learning experience for young people as well as lots of fun with others in the 10 through 17 year-old age group.  All events in Area 11 are open to Handbell Musicians of America members wherever they may be.  Whether you are interested in participating in an event or attending a concert, check out our Calendar to see what’s happening.

Info on the Handchime Grant Program