Area 11 Events

Desert Sub-Area Chair

Nancy Roberts-Small, New Mexico

[email protected]

Mountain Sub-Area Chair

Glen Hicks, Utah

[email protected]

If you would like to host an event please contact your Sub Area Chair

SPONSORED EVENTS are those run by Handbell Musicians officers or their event planners.  In Area 11, these include Summer Youth Camp for young people 10 through 17 years old which is held in July of the odd numbered years,  an Area 11 Festival/Conference held in June of the even numbered years and smaller events called Spring Rings held yearly, uusually in March or April by the states or sub-areas within the states which make up Area 11.  It also could include smaller events which might not be regularly scheduled.

National and international events are also sponsored events. They include National Seminar, Distinctly Bronze Events (East and West), Master Classes and others.  Check the National Handbell Musicians of America pages for these.

ENDORSED EVENTS are run by individual members  of Handbell Musicians of America who plan the event and submit their plan and budget to the National Board  for endorsement.   Endorsed events might include a Read and Ring event, or perhaps a smaller event planned for several church ensembles who would like to ring for each other along with some massed ringing pieces.


State Spring Rings

Each state in Area 11 hosts a mass ringing event every spring!

Area 11 Camp

Date: Thursday-Monday, June 11-15, 2023
Location: Snow Mountain Ranch, Granby, CO
Clinician: Ed Rollins and Barb Walsh