Ring of Fame Selection Process

1. The Area 11 Chair-elect is the Chair of the Ring of Fame Committee.
2.  In addition, the Anonymous Ring of Fame Committee will consist of three (3) members as selected by the Ring of Fame Chair.
3.  Nominations may come from members of the Area 11 Board of Directors, Committee members, and the Area 11 membership at large.
4.  Selection criteria and process, and the nomination form will be posted to the Area 11 webpage no later than October 1 of each odd numbered year.

If a nominee’s contributions are in a field for which the nominee has
benefited monetarily, the nominee must also have contributed to the AGEHR, Inc.
and handbells/handchimes in general beyond the scope of the personal interest.

No person is considered while currently serving on the Area 11 Board of  Directors.

The Selection Committee screens the candidates based on the Selection Criteria and prepares a list of the candidates. From this list, the Committee will make and approve a final recommendation for the Area 11 Board of Directors.

The Area 11 Board of Directors receives the individual name(s) of the recommended candidate(s) at the Winter board meeting. The Area 11 Board of Directors accepts or rejects each individual recommendation.

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