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Volume 15  •  Issue 3  •  Summer 2022

Notes from the Chair

Summer is here and we are winding down and packing up from the ringing season. Washing gloves, cleaning out binders, organizing and putting things away for the season. With that being said, I’m already looking ahead to next year by previewing music and recruiting ringers. I’m even looking at changing up our rehearsal schedule to include new musicians. Have you combined forces with your vocal choir, as to have members “Ring & Sing”? Just food for thought!

Thank you to everyone who voted in our recent 2022-2024 election for Area 11. Congratulations to Chair-Elect: Anne Anderson (soon to be Anne Kelley) and Secretary-Treasurer: Jill Persichetti! They will begin their terms on September 1, 2022. Special Thanks to Sara Nybo, who will finish out her term as Secretary-Treasurer and remain on our board until August 31, 2022. Thanks also to Glen Hicks for running for office.

Our C.H.I.M.E. Loan Program needs applications! My church was a past recipient, and after “borrowing” the chimes our congregation graciously purchased our own set. I’ve also known schools to use the chimes in their general or elementary music programs! As a music educator, I’ve been able to build my programs with this wonderful FREE program that Area 11 offers.

FESTIVAL Month is here! I can’t believe that in just a few weeks, we will be celebrating and ringing together in Tempe! Our board has worked hard to make this event happen, especially Event Chair, Mary Moffett. We area also excited to be honoring Kay Cook with the Ring of Fame Award!

After a challenging year, we have truly persevered by successfully having a FULL normal schedule of events that included Ringers Roundup, Super Bell Saturday, three Spring Rings, and now an area wide Festival! These events would never have been possible without YOU, your support, and our tremendous leadership team. I’m so very proud and thankful for all of our accomplishments! 

Happy Ringing, Anne

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Area 11 Bulletin Board

Malmark Chimes for Sale - Arizona

6 Octave Malmark Chimes for Sale in Tucson, AZ – Contact Margi Zearly for more information

Schulmerich Bells for Sale - Utah

3-octave set of Schulmerich bells in great condition with cases, library of music, and additional accessories available for sale in Centerville, Utah – Contact Peggy Saunders for more information.

Looking for a Home – Paige Erickson

HOMELESS! Please help!

We have several sets of handchimes that need homes. They don’t eat much and they are very well behaved, but they are sad because they don’t have a home for the coming year.

Our C.H.I.M.E. loan program lends chime sets out to schools, churches, or anyone who wants to try their hand at leading a chime choir or group. Our goal is to promote the art of handbell ringing.

But we need your help to get the word out. Do you know a music teacher, a church choir leader, or a handbell enthusiast that might like to start up a choir? Let them know about this program! Share this link with them, please.
Handchime Grant Program

Together, we can end the problem of homeless chimes.

Paige Erickson

Area 11 Chime Chair

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Festival 2022 – Ringing Up

How’s our check list coming for our Ringing Up 2022 Festival?! Well let’s take a look!

✅ Hotel
✅ Clinician
✅ Music Repertoire
✅ Festival registrations
✅ Ringing assignments
✅ Classes
✅ Food and Beverage
✅ T-shirts
✅ Concerts
✅ Daily schedule
✅ Name tags/lanyards
✅ Vendors
✅ Bells, chimes, pads to borrow
✅ A ton of Festival Friday announcements
✅ Informational emails
⬜ Seeing you all Ringing Up in June…excited to be checking this off soon!

See you at the DoubleTree by Hilton Phoenix-Tempe June 23-26!

Mary Moffett
Area 11 Event Planner

More Events in Area 11

September 2022 – Ringers Roundup 

Would you like to host or teach at this year’s Ringers Roundup?

Contact Nancy Roberts-Small to volunteer.


Area 11 Events Page

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Gifts – LeAnna Wilmore

Each member of our handbell group, Bells at Temple Square, has their own unique set of gifts, talents, or natural abilities. These gifts, as I call them, make our ensemble much more than just a bunch of people playing handbells.

As we are preparing for our June concert, I have been thinking a lot about each person’s special and unique gifts while we are doing our best to get every note and every expressive element just right. These rehearsals are not tedious like you would expect, but they are energy driven. Everyone is bringing their best to the rehearsal and I never hear an unkind word or anyone taking offense. I even sent a note to a couple of ringers about a certain area where they could make some changes. I was pleasantly surprised to receive back very humorous and appreciative replies. It made my day.

There are thirty-three uniquely different individuals each making our group the one-of-a-kind ensemble that it is. Some of the unique talents in our group include cleverness, thoughtfulness, high energy, huge smiles, kindness, being a good listener, a sense of humor, highly skilled, teacher, showing appreciation, offering to help, gratitude, open to change, wisdom and the list goes on. I have a ringer that is always helping others fix their bells, one that brings enthusiasm and energy to every rehearsal, and many that shine when they perform. I am so grateful for these ringers and their divine gifts.

I hope you can see some of your group members in this list or even relate to these ringers yourself. Think about how you are contributing to your group. Are you one of these ringers bringing unique gifts to your choir and making it a better experience for everyone?

We often do not see in ourselves what others can see in us. Ask friends or family to help you identify what your gifts are. Sometimes you do not know how great you truly are. Why not try something new and discover your unknown gifts?

We can’t wait to see you in June at the Area 11 Festival in Tempe, where you can rub shoulders with the best of the best. Everyone may be striving to improve by ringing up in their handbell techniques, but we each bring our own unique gifts.

LeAnna Willmore, Chair-Elect, Area 11

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News from National

International Symposium

Join friends from near and far at the 2022 International Symposium in Nashville, Tennessee! Registration closes June 15.

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